50,000+ minutes per day

calls made ensuring the highest quality and always doing our best to give you the best.


On any Android, iOS or Windows Mobile device through WiFi or 3G


On any computer or laptop with Windows or Linux installed, or on any Macintosh

IP Phone

By any IP phone or ATA converter that supports the SIP protocol


Any SIP compliant PBX hardware or software such as Asterisk, Freeswitch, 3CX and others

We suggest using Zoiper as software for your devices

The software will auto-configures in 2 simple steps

Outgoing calls

 10 simultaneous calls

 Can be used from any location

 Low latency

 Selective block by prefix

 Selective blocking by IP

 Free Minutes

 No answer fee

 Customizable caller-id

Codec audio

Codecs are the components through which the voice is compressed and routed to the recipient. Each call must use a codec to make sure that your voice is understandable.

In the table you can see the supported codecs Vohippo and understand the relationship between compression, bandwidth utilization and voice quality.

Codec Load Quality
G.711 uLaw 64 kbit/sec. Excellent
G.711 aLaw 64 kbit/sec. Excellent
GSM 13 kbit/sec. Good
G.729 9 kbit/sec. Good

To have a right value of quality we suggest to use GSM codec or G729. The last codec can be required a license to work.

Charging for calls

Calls are initially charged per-minute. (1 shot every 60 seconds). If you make a recharge of at least 100 Euro pricing go automatically per-second for 30 days. This happens to every achievement of 100 Euros recharge.

Customizable CLI

Your CLI visible on the called phone can be customized and you can change it at every call with a simple prefix code.



Block calls based on destination IP or from the control panel.



You can be called back and hooked to your friends when you are abroad.

Control panel

Control panel

Always available to allow you to change your configuration.



Call reports using CDR and graphs.


Call anyone through Internet, anywhere in the world, with the cheapest phone rates

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Vohippo doesn't replace the traditional telephone service and doesn't allows to call emergency numbers.
To use it you need an internet connection.

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Vohippo recommendeds Zoiper as application to use on your device