A real phone number is close to become yours

You can receive calls from everywhere like at your home







A did voip number that follow you everywhere

always as like you were at your home

Get your DID number

If you are getting your first DID number, we gift 1 year of service. Pay only the first year and we gift an additional free.

Have you a number of another operator yet?

No problem. In your control panel you can add all numbers of other carriers and manage them to call and receive with one Vohippo account without number portability.

In this way you receive and call at best rates by same account.

Skype NO
Localphone YES
Axiatel YES
Clouditalia YES
and many others...

Analytics on your hand

Full reports for each active number to control everywhere inbound and outbound calls

Records phone calls

Choose to record for free all inbound calls and play everywhere in the world

Free sms alert

A free SMS service can alert you on each inbound call writing the number that is calling, date and time to get in touch on realtime

A small free PBX

that allow you to choose what do when you get an inbound phone call

Ring your account

Can ring your main account and answer from softphone or IP phone

Ring an extension

You can ring one or more extensions simultaneously

Forward to mobile phone

You can forward calls to a landline or mobile phone to remain available

Play an audio file

You can play an mp3 file as presentation of your company

Call an URL

Can call an URL that execute a script on your page at each inbound call

Getting a free SMS

Can receive a free sms on each inbound call to be informed in realtime

All features are free and can be mixed toghether to have a small switchboard that can manage inbound calls


Call anyone through Internet, anywhere in the world, with the cheapest phone rates

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Vohippo doesn't replace the traditional telephone service and doesn't allows to call emergency numbers.
To use it you need an internet connection.

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Vohippo recommendeds Zoiper as application to use on your device