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A landline number always with you

everywhere in the world like you are at home













Choose your new number

View costs and features of the number and get it in a minute

present_to_all  Number portability

NUmber portability allows you to transfer your number to Vohippo. Through this operation, you cancel definitively the contract with your current operator.

credit_card   One time fee99,00 €

timelapse   Time required15 gg. circa

We need the migration code provided by your actual operator, your ID card and a proof of address

If you already have a number activated by a VoIP operator and you have SIP credentials you can use your number on Vohippo without any additional operation. It needs only to add your SIP credential in our control panel.

Skype remove_circle
Localphone check_circle
Axiatel check_circle
Clouditalia check_circle
Messagenet check_circle
Voxbone check_circle
many others...

Analytics in your hand

Every incoming number provides details analytics to monitoring through the web panel received calls and other details

beenhere  Incoming and outgoing calls

beenhere  Filter by caller number

beenhere  Conversation minutes analytics

What can you do with an incoming call?

Record call

Record the audio call and receive an e-mail message with an attachment.

Ring your account

Ring your account or sub-account and answer the call anywhere in the world.

Call an URL

You can do a call to an URL to execute operations you need.

Play audio

You can play an audio file uploaded in mp3 format.

Send SMS

Send a free SMS to your phone to alert for a call

Assign priority

Add many routing rules and execute them based on priority

Want earn money with Vohippo?

If you are a retailer, a wholesaler or an operator in the sector and want to have a white-label platform to be able to sell this service to your customers, contact us via chat or e-mail and we will have the right solution for you to start your business in just under 48h


Call everyone throught the Internet, everywhere in the world, at the best prices

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Vohippo doesn't replace traditional phone service and doesn't allow to call emergency numbers.
To use is you must have an Internet connection

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Vohippo suggest Zoiper as application for your device